Case Study

ARK Skincare: Natural Skincare for Any Age

ARK Skincare first approached ILG to help fulfil orders secured by its travelling sales team, selling directly to consumers and salons. As the business evolved towards a more conventional e-commerce model, the brand also began to receive more and more publicity along with celebrity endorsements, and so the required fulfilment capacity rapidly grew.

“Having a logistics partner with the experience and capacity of ILG has been invaluable. Their ability to advise us and take the initiative when required has enabled us to concentrate on doing our part, knowing that our customers are receiving the experience they expect.”
CEO, ARK Skincare

The Story

Bringing ARK Skincare to the Masses

Due to our years of experience with high-end beauty brands, we had the scalability and know-how to accommodate ARK Skincare’s changing business model and increasing order volumes. Our warehouses are unwaveringly ready to handle spikes in orders where necessary, while our IT integration fits seamlessly with ARK’s e-commerce site. This enables us to handle orders as an extension of ARK’s own team without missing a beat.

With access to ILG’s buying power, ARK is also able to secure excellent value on carriage rates and packaging, significantly lower than anything it could access directly.

The Results

Delivery to Retail and D2C Success

We have the expertise and capabilities to deal with the challenges of delivering two separate product lines, ARK PRO and ARK Skincare. ARK PRO is delivered to nearly 200 beauty therapists, salons and spas, all with different requirements. ARK Skincare is delivered to individual consumers around the UK and Europe. Thanks to our retail experience in delivering to high-end department stores, ARK is able to rely on our staff’s knowledge of the respective vendor manuals and booking-in processes.

Greener Fulfilment

ILG has also been able to support Ark Skincare in removing unnecessary packaging and moving towards recyclable materials in line with its brand ethos. Our commitment to sustainability enables our clients with similar values to continue in their mission alongside us, without sacrificing the ethical viability of their supply chains.

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