Case Study

MALIN+GOETZ: Delivering Natural, Uncomplicated Luxury

In March 2004, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz first opened their doors in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood with a modern, local apothecary approach to luxury skincare. By partnering with ILG, they’ve been able to expand their customer base and offer their trademark attention to detail on a grand scale.

“ILG gives us the confidence that every order shipped will be treated with the utmost care and attention, delivering an excellent service to our customers.”
UK Managing Director, MALIN+GOETZ

The Story

MALIN+GOETZ & ILG: Partners in Organic Growth

MALIN+GOETZ is a unique yet mainstream skincare brand. It is one of the very few unisex skincare lines and its approach to production means the products are suitable for all types of skin.

The brand has followed a rare business plan based almost entirely on organic growth. Following on from its success in the USA, MALIN+GOETZ began expanding its UK operation in June 2016 beyond high-end department stores and needed to source an experienced fulfilment operation. ILG was seen as the perfect fit, and the rest is history. 

The flexibility ILG offers is crucial for MALIN+GOETZ and their dedicated Account Executive monitors all shipments and quickly resolves any issues that might occur. ILG enables MALIN+GOETZ to concentrate on expanding its business in the UK and EU, while we comprehensively manage its logistics.

The Results

Bringing MALIN+GOETZ to Europe

ILG’s ability to support MALIN+GOETZ with storage, wholesale, e-commerce operations and luxury packaging enabled the company to open in London with ease. Since then, we’ve helped them to expand into Europe as well via one of our state-of-the-art fulfilment centres in Poland.

Beautiful Packaging, Done Beautifully

As with many of ILG’s fashion and beauty clients, MALIN+GOETZ has very specific packaging and storage requirements. ILG’s ability to gift-wrap, source luxury packaging and offer a wide range of carriage options was crucial to MALIN+GOETZ as it sought to maintain quality in the USA during its UK retail expansion. 

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Expanding into Europe

“ILG has been our long-standing 3PL partner in the UK market – sending our products all over Europe for us. When we heard that ILG would open a warehouse in Poland we saw a huge potential to reach our customers even more quickly and efficiently. Usually there are all sorts of operational barriers and challenges to opening an additional warehouse location but ILG’s set up made the process swift and efficient, like an extension of their existing service and functionality. With the new location operating through the same management and customer service team we were already used to in the UK we felt supported all the way through, and it’s been a very smooth experience!”
General Manager Europe, Malin and Goetz

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