Case Study

Nuvias: Enabling Award-Winning IT Distribution, Globally

Nuvias is an award-winning, value-added, international distributor of IT products. Established in 1976, it specialises in best-of-breed solutions from both emerging and market-leading vendors, and has a strong reputation for successfully establishing new vendors in the UK and Germany. Enabling this expansion is ILG’s Global Import Courier service.

“The ILG Global Import Courier service is a fantastic solution for our business, saving money and giving us a far more reliable service. Working with ILG is not just an outsourced contract, it’s a real partnership, and it’s all the little things they do that make the partnership really work.”
Managing Director UK & Germany, Nuvias

The Story

Growing Pains

As they expanded, Nuvias was finding it increasingly challenging to stay on top of customs compliance while ensuring fast delivery to their UK warehouse for onward distribution. With overseas sales growing, delays were increasing due to heightened security. They needed a way of streamlining and managing this, and ILG’s bespoke Global Import Courier service was ready for the task.

The Results

Global Supply Network

A huge part of the Nuvias model involves the procurement of hardware from vendors across the world. This is a logistical challenge for even the most experienced in-house delivery experts, but ILG’s strong network of established couriers, as well as industry-leading know-how, positioned us as the go-to experts to ensure procured hardware was delivered smoothly, safely and at as low a cost as possible.

Streamlining Imports

ILG helped Nuvias to streamline its import process. With all documentation taken care of by our customs experts, we handle the hassle while giving them full visibility at every touchpoint. This gives Nuvias the confidence to communicate an accurate delivery timeframe to their customers.

Our fully-managed delivery service allows Nuvias to book a shipment for a designated day and time, and this is monitored through to delivery by our customer service team. As well as cutting lead times and reducing costs, the close relationship established with Nuvias has enabled us to overcome obstacles and spot new opportunities together.

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