How to Prepare Your E-Commerce Business for Global Peaks

Preparing for region-specific seasonal peaks and troughs is part and parcel of running a business on an international scale. 

In the West, certain annual peaks are given for e-commerce, with Black Friday, Christmas and New Year being strong-performing dates across a majority of verticals. 

For businesses that regularly get custom from abroad, a lot of those same busy periods will still apply, but many countries have their own traditions, and preparing for these ahead of time will mean you can get the most benefit from these peaks. 

See our Planning For Peak Season Hub for more advice and support on getting your business ready for seasonal peaks.

Make Sure Your 3PL is Prepared for Global Sales Peaks

As an e-commerce business, it is crucial that your 3PL is able to keep up with your business’s seasonal peaks to ensure a high level of quality is maintained at all times. 

Working closely with your 3PL when you expect to see an increase in orders will mean that they can ensure everything is coordinated ahead of time to keep up with the increased volume of orders, ensuring a high level of pick accuracy, and quick turnarounds. 

The more information you can provide your 3PL with, the better, such as what kinds of products are expected to be most popular, and whether personalisation or gift-wrapping will be needed.  Working with a fulfilment provider you trust and that offers effective customer service and a high standard of quality control will help reduce the likelihood of returns. 

International Shopping Peaks

Singles Day

Date: 11th November

Country: China

Singles day has become a popular shopping holiday in China – taking its name from the four single digits that make up the date (11/11), the idea behind the holiday is for people without partners to treat themselves to gifts and activities, making it one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the country. 

Revenue generated from Singles Day in 2022 was thought to be just under $160 billion USD. 

El Buen Fin

Date: 3rd Monday of November

Country: Mexico & USA

Taking place in late November, El Buen Fin is a major shopping event across Mexico, with many stores extending their opening hours to accommodate the extra sales. A wide range of items are usually sold, with fashion being the best-selling product category in 2022.


Date: September/October

Country: Malaysia

An effort by the Malaysian government to encourage e-commerce sales, #MYCybersale is comparable to Singles Day in China, with prizes used to incentivise purchases over a certain value. Since its inception in 2014, the holiday has been successful in helping to grow online sales within the country, with Statista showing a steady increase in revenue each year.  

9.9 Mega Sale

Date: 9th September

Country: Across Southeast Asia

9.9’s Mega Shipping Day Sale is Southeast Asia’s equivalent of Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day – even for sellers not stocked by Lazada (the retailer that instigated the holiday), shoppers across Asia will look for bargains to be had, so many other retailers take part. 


Date: October/November

Country: India

The month leading up to Diwali is India’s single largest shopping period, accounting for an estimated 35-40% of all ecommerce purchases for the year. 2022 saw a 40% increase in sales compared to 2021, so make sure you are prepared if your business operates in India. 

Western events in other regions

More and more western shopping peaks are seeing growth from foreign markets. Even as you prepare for an increase in sales around Black Friday, make sure you are prepared for the potential of increased sales in that period from other countries as it becomes more and more prevalent overseas. 

With all international sales, it is essential to work with a 3PL you can rely on to be flexible with peak seasons while maintaining high standards and protecting your brand. Get in touch with ILG to see how we can help support your business as it grows, at home and abroad.

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