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ILG Achieves EcoVadis Bronze for Sustainable Practices in Fulfilment and Delivery

We’re pleased to announce ILG has been awarded the EcoVadis Bronze Award, a testament to our commitment to sustainable business practices. EcoVadis is a globally recognised and trusted platform for environmental, social, and ethical performance ratings.

The EcoVadis Bronze Award scores ILG’s adherence to high environmental and ethical standards in its operations. By achieving this recognition, ILG joins other companies dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and society.

Achieving the EcoVadis Bronze Award involved a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of our sustainable practices across various elements. The process begins by submitting a detailed questionnaire covering environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. EcoVadis evaluates the responses and supporting evidence and a team of sustainability experts conducts a thorough analysis, reviewing policies, procedures, and performance indicators. The assessment also includes an examination of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, manage waste, and promote fair labour practices.

The score is then benchmarked against industry standards, and feedback is provided to guide improvements. We will work towards making the improvements and aim to increase our score for 2025. Achieving EcoVadis Bronze is aligned with our sustainability goals and journey at ILG as we make continuous improvements, investment and changes to be a sustainable employer and supplier to our employees and customers.

“We are so proud of the accomplishments we have made on our Sustainability journey so far. The EcoVadis platform aligns really well with our values of continuously improving and being awarded the Bronze medal is a fantastic achievement for ILG.”

Chloe Gibbons, Facilities, Environmental and Sustainability Assistant

Committed to Being a Sustainable Partner

We hope that this achievement means our customers can have confidence that we are committed to being a sustainable partner throughout their supply chain.

We recently launched our ‘Zero-By-Thirty’ mission and last year became ISO 14001 accredited too. Attaining EcoVadis is another step we are taking to reduce our environmental impact and protect our planet. Want to read more about our sustainable journey? Visit our sustainability page.

If you’d like to find out more about our sustainable fulfilment services, contact us or complete the form below.

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