ILG Acquires Global Freight Solutions (GFS)

We are delighted to announce that ILG has acquired Global Freight Solutions (GFS), a pioneer in Enterprise Carrier Management (ECM) and an industry-leading provider of delivery technology and services.

This exciting acquisition represents a big step-change in ILG’s continued growth and equips us with best-in-class delivery technology to enrich our fulfilment and delivery propositions.

GFS works with some of the UK’s top High Street brands, offering a single point of access to over 1000 shipping lanes across more than 220 countries. Founded over 20 years ago, GFS provides e-commerce businesses with automated multi-carrier shipping, from checkout to doorstep and back again. Its advanced multi-carrier ECM technology enhances customer experience by offering a greater choice of delivery options, sophisticated tracking and user-friendly returns. These features boost checkout conversion, reduce cart abandonment and increase repeat-purchase.

GFS is the perfect fit for ILG. Their unique delivery technology complements ILG’s fulfilment services by greatly enhancing the purchase experience for online shoppers. Our technologies and services work hand-in-glove, we share similar histories, culture and values, and like us, GFS started out in Sussex and expanded nationally. Today, the combined businesses employ over 600 staff across 16 sites in the UK and EU.

Mike Stephenson, ILG Chairman, comments: “This new and exciting acquisition gives us the advantage of GFS’s best-in-class multi-carrier technology and services to greatly differentiate ILG’s offering to our fulfilment and delivery clients, and powers our expansion in the UK and international markets.”

ILG and GFS will continue to operate as independent businesses in the short-term, but as we draw closer together, we will soon be offering our customers the unique benefits of GFS’s delivery technology.

In the meantime, look out for more updates about our new colleagues at GFS in the coming weeks. Learn more at

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