ILG Wins Award for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champion

Recently, we were proudly presented the award for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champion at the BHBiz Awards 2024. The award was for inspiring positive change and a culture of inclusivity and diversity where EDI is valued and a critical part of the organisation’s mission.

The judges said:

“This company has implemented commendable initiatives to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Creating a culture of inclusion enhances employee engagement and satisfaction and drives innovation and organisational success. They are innovative in their daily business practices and demonstrated their desire to be genuinely inclusive.”

Congratulations to all of the other nominees and winners across all of the other categories.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of ILG and we believe in the power of positive change and the transformative impact of embracing diversity in all its forms. From our leadership team to every member of our staff, we prioritise creating an environment where every individual feels values, respected and empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

Kristine Pollock, HR Director at ILG said:

“The awards event was a great opportunity to learn about what other companies are doing across a range of topics. Congratulations to all the nominees. We were thrilled to win the EDI Champion award in recognition of the approach ILG has consistently taken over a number of years to place diversity at the heart of our business.”

Embracing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Here are some of our key statistics:

  • 41% of our employees are women, as are 68% of our Team Leaders and 44% of all Managers
  • 40% of our workforce are non-British – from 27 nationalities
  • We proudly celebrate Pride Month with a dedicated annual ‘Pride Awareness Day’ organised by our Pride Committee. Our Pride Committee leaders are representative of the LGBTQ+ community and help provide educational resources and signposting to support groups
  • Since 2015, through our partnership with Sussex-based charity, Aldingbourne Trust WorkAid, ILG has employed over 45 people with autism and other learning difficulties
  • 10% of our workforce identify as on the autistic spectrum
  • We ensure all ILG staff receive mandatory training for autism awareness, as well as annual training in equality and diversity, and ethics and conduct. Also, we recently introduced a course in deaf awareness to better support our employees with hearing loss
  • In 2021, we were delighted to offer 28 job placements across our warehouse facilities to local young people, as part of the Kickstart Scheme of which 13 went on to secure permanent or fixed-term contracts
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We’re so proud to have been recognised as an organisation that demonstrates commitment to equality and positive relations with our staff beyond compliance of legislation. In a world where inclusivity is paramount, we work hard to support and drive positive change and progress. Our dedication to fostering a culture of equality and diversity is not just a part of what we do – it is who we are. Whilst we recognise there is always more to be done, here at ILG, we aim to pave the way for progress, ensuring all our employees have an opportunity to shine and succeed.

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