Impact of Conflict in Ukraine on Delivery Services

As you are probably aware, the armed conflict in Ukraine has suddenly escalated. As a result, UPS informed us this morning that it has suspended all deliveries to Ukraine today. We expect our other carrier partners to follow suit very soon.

Unfortunately, due to carriers withdrawing their services and the uncertain situation on the ground, ILG will no longer be able to support deliveries to customers in Ukraine until further notice. This applies with immediate effect.

The situation in Ukraine is fast-moving and we will continue to consult with our carrier partners and monitor events closely. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

Effect on Deliveries to Russia

The worsening situation in Ukraine has moved a number of countries to impose sanctions on Russia, with the UK Government revealing an initial package of measures on 22nd February. Today’s escalation of hostilities is likely to result in more severe sanctions which could restrict or prohibit trade between the UK and Russia.

If this happens, our carrier partners will be bound to abide by these sanctions and suspend all deliveries from the UK to Russia. At present our delivery operations to Russia remain unaffected, but we are watching the situation closely and will inform you immediately of any anticipated interruptions to services.

We apologise for any potential inconvenience this may cause to your or your customers. Updates will be made via email and through My ILG.

Should you have any questions about services to Ukraine or Russia, please do not hesitate to contact your usual ILG contact.