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Pick and Pack with ILG

Pick and pack is an important part of the process for businesses as they strive to offer the best e-commerce experience for their customers. Good end-to-end service is something that can keep your customers coming back time after time, and create a positive reputation for your business.

At ILG our pick and pack service is an optimised process that makes it easy for us to get your products to their destinations in perfect condition.

Trust our 99.99% pick accuracy to get your order correct and on time. Our high-tech warehouses use barcodes and portable scanning devices to eliminate human error, which improves our overall speed and efficiency. 

Technology is the best way to stay up to date with your orders. Our portal gives you direct access to our Warehouse Management System for real-time visibility of your customers’ orders.

The Pick and Pack Process

Pick and pack is a small part of the order fulfilment process that starts as soon as an order is received. A streamlined pick and pack process can make you stand out from the crowd, offering your customers quick and efficient delivery and leaving them feeling good about their experience with your company.

Once our warehouse receives an order, our warehouse management system (WMS) groups it together with similar orders before sending the information through to our pickers via our PDAs. This guides our warehouse team toward picking the correct items for each order.

Products are stored in predetermined barcoded locations with similar products to make the picking process run smoothly, whilst the efficiency of our PDA technology allows our team to pick multiple orders at once without error.

‘Put Walls’ in our warehouses allow us to increase efficiency during the pick and pack process as the dedicated shelving can hold a large volume of orders and can increase order accuracy. Having everything in one place streamlines the process by reducing steps between warehouse locations.

Personalisation and Gift Wrapping for Your Orders

Offering personalisation and gift wrapping can help you to stand out from your competitors and save your customers time, sending it directly to the person they have bought the gift for. Personalisation can come in the form of engraving, embossing or embroidering a name or other personalisation onto a product such as a face cream or a handbag. 

For Fashion and Beauty fulfilment you can offer personalisation that can be expertly carried out by the ILG team during the pick and pack process. 

At ILG we offer functional pick and pack fulfilment combined with a range of added value options for personalising, gift-wrapping and packaging orders to create parcels that your customers will be delighted to receive. 

From embroidering baby clothes to embossing and engraving names or messages onto beauty products, adding a unique touch for your customers could be just what you need to stand out.

If you need organic fulfilment, including the picking and packing of your organic products, ILG has warehouses that are Soil Association certified for all of your organic product and packing needs.

Friction-Free Returns Management

Leave your customers feeling happy with stress-free returns management. Returns can be a source of frustration for customers, with time limits, drop-off points and returns labels to consider. Creating a streamlined returns process that is easy and convenient for your customers can benefit your business and leave customers with a positive impression.

During the packing process at ILG, we can include tailored labels and clear instructions of your desired returns policy, so that we can easily manage items returned to our warehouses. 

When we receive a return we quality check every item before sharing the information with you through our dedicated customer service team and reporting systems, to give you full visibility.

Choose ILG for Your Pick and Pack Fulfilment

For fast and accurate pick and pack order fulfilment from a reputable 3PL provider, consider ILG for all of your e-commerce fulfilment needs.

Contact our team today to find out how we can provide exceptional outsourcing services for you in the UK or Europe, or check out our About Us page for more information on what we do.

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